In 1985 my wife and I went through a contentious divorce. My attorney advised me to file bankruptcy, which I did.

October 14, 1987, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ. During the next two years my ex-wife and I reconciled and we remarried December 16, 1989 and Christ restored our family. My precious daughters and 5 grandchildren are an important part of our life now and in part the reason we moved to Tyrone, Georgia. We no longer recognize December 16, 1989 but instead celebrate October 8, 1966, our original wedding date, as our anniversary. We give Christ all honor and glory because without Him, our reconciliation would not have occurred.

In 1994 I turned my employer into IRS for tax evasion. Also, during this time, I innocently learned that Richard, an associate, had received a $600,000 advance of an anticipated $6,000,000 grant from the Agriculture Department. I was encouraged by Richard’s Pastor to go to the FBI, so I did. The two men teamed up and sued me. I went to court without an attorney because I did not have the $25,000 upfront payment the attorney’s requested. Also, the morning of the trial, Richard’s Pastor, who had asked me to turn Richard into the Government and was the only witness with knowledge of the events, died. Pastor Henderson was 41 years old. His wife told me that Pastor Henderson died from the stress. His earlier support and endorsement of Richard proved fatal to himself and to many small churches that had trusted Richard with their finances. Richard ultimately served 39 months in Federal Prison for multiple securities violations.

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After several weeks of constant attacks on my character, integrity and work ethic the Judge allowed me the opportunity to make a statement over the objections of the Plaintiff, she said, “Mr. Barlow has been listening to you for weeks. I will give him the opportunity to make a statement.” I stated for the record, “This is a court of law and not a court of justice. On the day the Lord Jesus Christ returns we will all be held accountable for every idle word and deed and I am ready for Him to return today and judge us all”. The Judge ruled in favor of the Plaintiff. They jumped for joy and asked for $12,000,000 punitive damages because of double indemnity, you see the FBI blocked the $6,000,000 grant, and $75,000 legal fees. The Judge took a recess and retired to her chambers to determine my fate. She returned in approximately one hour and awarded the Plaintiff ZERO legal fees and ZERO punitive damages.

Within days I was again bombarded with lawsuits from the plaintiffs and an attorney friend advised me to file bankruptcy to halt the attacks.

I will gladly discuss any of the foregoing information with anyone who desires to meet with me and discuss my past. Cherie and I have shared our testimony with many groups and witnessed many folks receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise God that he uses Cherie and I to advance His Kingdom.

Also, there is not nor have been any foreclosure proceedings against my property.

My Testimony