I'll Help You... and Fayette County!

​My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed Fayette County's rural character and many friendly, hard working residents. Our children and grandchildren are in the area and we intend to stay for a very long time. Like you, we moved here for a number of reasons, and we want to perpetuate the life style we've all worked so hard to build in Fayette County. That's why I ran for Fayette County Commissioner, Post 2. 

I sincerely believe I will make our county government more responsive to your needs - public safety, properly maintained infrastructure like roads, and do it within our
​means. I've been a small businessman myself
for a number of years, and found out long ago that you have to provide a quality product or service at a reasonable price or people look for someone who can.

I've attended numerous county commission meetings over the past several years to see citizens asking for help with many issues and come away frustrated. I know I, along with the County's dedicated staff, will do better for my fellow county residents.

If you feel the same way, take a look at some issues we're dealing with and how I want to address them. Listen to my video on this site Video Clips.

I encourage you to contact me via​​ telephone, email or attend one of our county commission meetings. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

David Barlow

Leadership by Example
 with Integrity

Commonsense Conservative

NO to Special Interest

NO to Mass Transit

YES to Accountability
 with Transparancy
Commissioner David Barlow

Fayette County Commissioner - Post 1

I' m David Barlow, and I want to thank you for electing me your Republican Fayette County Commissioner, Post 2, November 6, 2012